Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just for Fun...Updated! How to Order the Flowers!!!

Random pictures of Gracie:
We had some pretty heavy rains from tropical storm Hanna. Gracie spent that morning in her airplane. Don't you just love that flight helmet? Then, she went "fishing". That swimming noodle was her fishing pole. Imagination can take you anywhere!
Gracie and Bindi...I just love the look on her face. She loves her cat, and Bindi loves Gracie.
I absolutely adore living here in this neighborhood. We have GREAT neighbors and there are so many kids for Gracie to hang with. And they are all as sweet as they can be!!! Every evening, we go out to play and everyone just hangs out. The kids have a blast, and it is a welcome break for me to chat with friends. This picture shows a typical afternoon with some of the kids.
And last but not least...MY NEWEST FAVORITE THING!!!.....Wooden roses! I bought seven dozen from a lady who was doing a fundraiser for her son's school. Guess what it cost me? $28
I LOVE THESE!!! They look real and they never die!!! They are actually called "everlasting roses". Just had to share that. Click on the picture to see how real these look!!! LOVE IT!!!!
******UPDATE...Many of you have asked where you can purchase these flowers and how....This is a fundraiser that Betsey is doing with her son's school. If you want to order these flowers from Betsey, just email her and she will get in touch with you. She told me today that she can ship these very easily anywhere and at very little cost because they are so light weight. So if you want to purchase some of the beautiful everlasting wooden roses, her email is
Like I said, they are some of my NEW FAVORITE THINGS!

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bytheriver said...

You are kidding! I could swear those roses are real! How can the rest of us find them - they look gorgeous!