Friday, September 26, 2008

Is she 3 years old or 13?

Just had to share the laugh of the day...Well, I am sort of laughing...I am not sure I should be laughing, but now it seems funny to me...What does this mean? How old is this kid anyway? Somedays, I just don't know. And let me just say, I have NO IDEA where the following comment came from. She has never heard anything like this said in our home. Man, they grow up WAY too fast!!!


I was downstairs with Gracie in her playroom CLEANING...cleaned all day today because we have company coming...and Gracie did not like that I was moving her things around so I could vacuum.
My response to her fussing: "Honey, I will be finished doing this in just a minute. Sorry, but I have to vacuum."
Her response: "But Mommy, you are wrecking my life."

No joke! She said it. JUST LIKE THAT. Simple but brutal. Some pretty CRAZY things come out of her mouth these days. I had to explain to her that her statement was not very nice to say to Mommy. I was not "wrecking" her life. I was "cleaning" her entire life. There is a big difference.

Later in the morning, I was still cleaning. This time I was dusting. I handed her something that had fallen on the floor that belonged to her, and she says to me,
"Mommy, I appreciate that."

Is it me or is this the sign of things to come?...Moodswings already at three and a half. What will she be like when she is 13?


kris said...

I am going to ask God to pretty please grant me a child SO like Gracie. You know I always had a very special place in my heart for her, now I am REALLY learning why. She is too funny!

Patricia/NYC said...

Is IS scary, isn't it?? The other day I was telling Frank about something that happened during the day & Kiara pipes up & says, "Mom, you've got to chill out"
I could NOT believe my ears!!!
Every night I pray, "Oh Lord, help us during the teen years!"

Kelly said...

Lily's pushing 18 or 21 some days!
Love keeping up with you guys via your blog! So glad to read about Gracie!

epin said...

I completely know what you're going through! We're in trouble for the teenage years!

And I tagged you for a fun game. Check my blog for the rules.

Stephanie said...

You were just tagged on my blog. :) head over for the details. OH! looks like Epin did too!