Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our New Friends, Huang and Bob

Chongqing hotpot and side dishes with LOTS of chili peppers
Awesome meal, boys!!! It was so good!!!
Huang, the Iron Chef!
B-O-B handling the veggies called BaiTai or something like that.
Can you believe the chili peppers in this pot? This was before all of the meat and veggies were added to the pot.
Bob, Dora, and Huang learned how to cook from their grandparents. In China, their parents work and their grandparents help raise them and care for them in the same home. Historically, the reason that they eat such hot and spicey food is because it would be so cold during the winters that they would cook foods that would warm their insides. It must have been REALLY cold.
Gracie really likes Huang. He is very sweet to her. So is Bob. They are great boys and are very friendly.
D.C. at night. Beautiful!
Is that a UFO or a giant orb in the picture? Do you know that two days after Huang and Bob left Chongqing, China to come here that a UFO was seen by many many people hovering over a park in their city in China? It made the front page of AOL news stories several days ago.
The guys had a great time in DC.

My children...all four of them!

The guys are relaxing on the sofa together.

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Grace McHugh said...

I see some little ones who will be very sad when their guests leave. How fun!! I just think how you are blessing those boys, Van and Madeline. Thank you for showing them what Americans are truly like.