Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer of 2009

Summer is almost over, and I have been very lazy about updating the blog. Life is very BUSY.

Garrett is doing very well. He talks a his own way...sometimes jibberish, sometimes words he knows. It is a good thing that I can understand his language. He is a great communicator regardless. Maybe I am just a good translator. Anyway, he is adjusting very well, and seems happy most of the time. The only time he really cries is when he wakes up during the night. Of course, he cries when he and Gracie aren't getting along too. We have A LOT of that going on in our house these days. Sibling rivalry has set in for Gracie. Poor baby! Makes me feel so guilty, and she really milks it. Garrett is just so big. 38 pounds now or more...I really think that Gracie forgets that he is just three years old. She loves him, but she doesn't, ya know? It's a love/total dislike relationship right now between them. Garrett is still very loving and affectionate towards all of us, but he hits. And he throws things when he gets upset. He pulled Gracie's hair the other day. He is just a normal baby boy who is learning the ropes. Time outs, and lots of "no, we don't do that(s)" for Garrett. Gracie is getting them too. They are learning to live in the same house under the same roof as brother and sister. LOL. And I am going to buy some earplugs. It is loud in our house. We have a lot of fun though. They are the most precious, funny, adorable children in the entire world, and we love them both dearly. It is amazing to me that they are both here, and that I am the mother of these two little people. It wasn't so long ago that it was just Van and me. Life is good, and God has truly blessed our family in so many ways.

Garrett is three years old now. We celebrated his birthday on July 26th. He's a big boy, literally, but there is still so much baby left in him. He was so excited to be the center of attention that day, and really had a great time with family and some neighborhood friends. We had an "Elmo" themed party because he loves "Melmo". He is all boy, and loves playing with matchbox cars, trucks, trains, balls, and playing outside. He wants to do whatever Gracie is doing, and his most used words right now are "mine" and "me"...very typical for a three year old. He is so cute! And he keeps us all laughing. What a little treasure he is!

Gracie is all girl, and wants now to play beauty salon, loves playing dolls, and games, and she loves to be outside with her friends. She is very artistic too, and still loves crafts and coloring. Her favorite doll is "Rosey". Gracie still sleeps with her winkies, dog, and bear. AND the biggest news yet is that she is completely and totally potty trained. She has been trained to peepee on the potty forever, but it was #2 that was the issue. We FINALLY found a solution to her chronic constipation issues, thanks to a little pill called a "Pearl" that has acidophillus probiotics in it. THANK YOU, GOD! And thank you to our good friend, Linda, for finding that for us. It is the only thing that has worked after all of this time. I cannot tell you how joyful and thankful we are about that! I know many of you are unaware that we have been going through this with Gracie, but it has been a constant issue with her since she came home. Our doctor has been involved all along, but we really had major problems in this area, and nothing was working. And believe me, we have tried EVERYTHING. Her little body just wasn't poopin' right. Now, it is. And she has no problems anymore in that area. We are so proud of her!
Gracie starts preschool in September. It is a great little preschool. We are so excited for her. She will go three days a week for half a day. There are six children in her class, and six children in the other class. She is ready, and already writes the alphabet, recognizes all of her letters, counts, adds, and is starting to read too. I have a feeling that she will do very well in school. She has a great memory. She loves to read!

We are starting to plan her big Halloween themed birthday party for October. She will be five. I cannot for the life of me tell you where the time has gone. She has grown so much. They both have.

Enjoy the pictures that capture our fun this summer!
(not finished with uploading pics...check back later!)


Grace McHugh said...

You and I have the same three year old I think. :) It must be a boy thing. And Gracie! She is such a beautiful young girl. I remember you carrying her in China and the digestive issues then, poor baby. PTL you have found something to help her. It has been fun to watch your family grow. Thank you for the pictures and update!

Patricia/NYC said...

So glad to see this update, Madeline!! Sounds like a very busy time for all of you right now! Sounds like a very healthy brother/sister relationship going on there! Love the photos! So cute!!

Amazing that our daughters are almost 5, isn;t it?? I'm sure Gracie will do so well in school!Kiara starts Kindergarten in a little over 2 weeks!!! She is definitely ready, but I AM NOT!!!!! lol!

GrantsMama said...

We love y'all! Great update! Yay Gracie about the potty! That is awesome!